Jason Schiller
I have been working at Google since mid 2011. Google is a place where good technical ideas win, and people are excited to support positive change. It is also a place where creativity and individuality are respected and encouraged. As a Noogler, it is often difficult to know what your job at Google is. It takes about 6 months just to get up to speed and then you have to figure out what you want to work on. I jumped right in, not content to not make a difference. I did some policy work on the production backbone, and then landed my first large and critical project, architecting and designing the ingestion network for the Google YouTube NBC partnership to bring you the 2012 Summer Olympics all events, all cameras, all live over the Internet (if you live in the US and have a cable / satellite subscription to MSNBC and CNBC).
From 1998 to 2011, I worked at UUNET (WorldCom / MCI / Verizon Business) as a network engineer. At UUNET I have had a chance to not only learn routing protocols such as IS-IS and BGP, but to understand how they function and scale in one of the largest and most rigorously Engineered IP networks in the industry. They have a large test lab where I have had a chance to test everything from new hardware, to new features, as well as completing proof of concept tests for new possible network designs. UUNET was an exciting environment where I not only played with cutting edge technology, but also worked with vendors to define and deliver what features are important to our network.

Prior to working in Network Engineering, I worked in the High Speed Installation Department at UUNET. Here I installed every thing from 56K DS-0 to optically protected OC-3 circuits with frame relay and ATM encapsulation. I had a chance to learn about transfering and creating new DNS zone files and transfering or regestering domain names. I also learned how to configure and troubleshoot BGP. I have had a chance to work with some very high profile customers like the NASDAQ with very complicated BGP configurations.

In 1998 I made a fairly large change moving from Academic jobs into the corporate world by taking a job at ManorCare (now HRC-ManorCare). It also was a move from the LAN environment to the WAN environment. I was responsible for the WAN links connecting the corporate head quarters to 220 remote facilites. I learned quite a bit about frame relay encapsulation and frame relay services. I also had an intorduction into troubleshooting with telcos, as well as managing the installation of fractional and full T1s to new facilities.

Georgetown University was the second university LAN that I worked on. I worked on both the main campus and the Georgetown University Medical Center. In many ways Georgetown was a lot like AU in that it was a multi-building LAN running TCP/IP as well as IPX/SPX.

My first full time position was at The American University. Here I worked as a LAN analyst. It was at AU where I first really came to understand TCP/IP, subnetting, LAN design, and LAN troubleshooting. I had a very hands on job that allowed for installing new multi-mode fiber links, designing and deployiong new building networks, router and concentrator configuration, and Novell NetWare administration. In fact AU was Novell's test ground for NetWare 4.0 and the NDS. I had a very intamate relationship with the AU network, and sometimes miss the hands on aspect of operating that network.

While a student at The American University, I had a part-time position working as a lab assistant and later a Lab Technician at the Anderson Computing Center. Here I did everything from assisting users with applications to troubleshooting 10base-2 network problems to installing the new computers on the campus network.

In four short years as a student at The American University I managed to finish with three majors and two bachelor degrees. I studied Internetional Relations in the School of International Service (SIS), Environmental Studies (Science Track) and Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

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