FMX - Model Rocket Beacon

See the main page to: To compile your own code with your callsign you will need to install:

Start a new project:
select > File > New Project from the menu
or click on the the new project icon
(yellow folder with a green plus)
Choose new project catagory: Microchip Embeded
and project: Standalone Project
Then click the Next button.
For device type the name of the chip "pic12f675".
Then select simulator, and click the Next button.
Choose no debug header: none.
Select the compiler:
"pic-as (v2.32) [Applications/micrchip/xc8/v2.32/pic-as/bin]"
and click the Next button.
Select the project name.
Use fmx-<your_call_sign>.
In this example we use the call sign WC4LL,
and the project name fmx-wc4ll.
Click the Finish button.

By default the project is created under your home directory
and under a directory called MPLABXProjects.
Right click on Source files.
Choose New > AssemblyFile.asm.
Name the file fmx-<Your_Call_sign>.
In our example we use fmx-wc4ll.
Click the Finish button.
Paste in the raw text of the assembly code.
Scroll down to line 286 where the call sign is configured.
Replace the three lines: call _F
call _M
call _X

With your call sign. In this example:
call _W
call _C
call four
call _L
call _L
Click on the configure button
(a Wrench with a nut and bolt)
Click on pic-as Assembler.
And the include directories.
(the icon has three dots)
click the Browse... button.
Set the include directory as:
and click the Open button
then click the OK button.
to accept the order of the newly configured path
Click on pic-as Linker.
And the custom linker options.
(the icon has three dots)
set the customer Linker options to:
and click the OK button.
click the OK button.
to accept the newly configured changes.
Now compile the code by clicking on the hammer icon
You can find the hex file inside your home directory at
The file name will be fmx-<YOUR_CALL>.X.production.hex
Now write the hex file to the PIC12F675 chip

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